Fast radio bursts : ‘ The hidden secret of Universe ’

Fast radio bursts comes under radio astronomy. These are radio pulses which are ranging from fraction of milliseconds to few milliseconds which are appear in sky at different frequencies. These FRB can be heard as chirps at high and low frequencies. FRB are brief but these are so strong that they can outshine the sun. Researchers are trying to find out the origin of these FRB.

First FRB was discovered by Duncan Lorimer and his student David Narveick of West Virginia University in 2007. First FRB also called as Lorimer burst . From 2007 there are so many repeating and non repeating FRB have been observed by the researchers by using different telescopes. According to report there are 13 new FRB has been detected by Chime telescope, Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment in two months .

CHIME’s signal processing system is largest of any telescope ,it has thousand  of antenna which are used to processing the radio signal coming from fast radio bursts. From 13 FRB , there are six FRB which are repeated or these are appears at the same spot in the sky. Currently, Mcgill University scientist Mr. Tendulkar and his team is trying to figure out from where they are coming, because till now one knows there origin but there are so many hypothesis are made about FRB origin.

These FRB are coming from so many  light year away ,somewhere from universe , no one knows it is from our Galaxy, Milky Way or from nearby galaxies. Till now , only one repeating brust which is called as FRB 121102 has been traced back and it was coming from 3 billion light years away. There are so many explanation given by scientists which include, merging of neutron stars, powerful magnetic field around black hole and the most interesting theory is existence of advanced alien civilization. Origin and reason of appearance of these fast radio bursts will start a new era in radio astronomy.


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